Events and Activities

Our chapter has three formals a year - Mallard Ball in the fall, Black Diamond in the winter,r and ADPi's and Bowties in the spring. We dress up in hunting camo for Mallard Ball and play around in a field with a live band. We had Mallard Ball at Zollman's Pavilion, just 5 miles away from Lexington this year. Black Diamond was in Charlottesville at a Mediterranean lounge. ADPi's and Bowties is always on campus at the Liberty Ruins. Our sisters love our formals and look forward to them all semester long. 

Our chapter hosts a Parents' Weekend Brunch each year during Parents' Weekend. This is always a casual event, where our parents can meet each other and mingle. 

Over Homecoming Weekend/Alumni Weekend, we host a brunch at our house to welcome our alumnae back. We love this event because it allows current seniors and other sisters to connect and mingle with our alumnae. 

Each spring, we host Founders' Day to celebrate our graduating seniors as they transition from Delta members to Pi members. We host a brunch at the house and have special activities planned for the seniors. We compile a slideshow of pictures throughout their four years together and show it at the very end. Sisters are given a chance to say a few nice words about each senior. As graduation grows closer, we connect our seniors with nearby alumnae. This past year, we graduated 32 seniors and are looking forward to welcoming them back as alumnae!

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